Degreaser soft 1000ml


It is a degreasing active based on surfactant products, special for

the removal of grease and all kinds of persistent dirt.

Does not contain solvents, Does not contain NaOH (caustic soda).

Due to its great cleaning power, it removes the most embedded grease and dirt without the need for mechanical stress or aggressive products.

Non-caustic product, does not attack aluminum.

Biodegradable product.


Applicable to the cleaning of any type of surface, which is not damaged by water.

It can be used by spraying.

The dosage depends on each particular case.

For very strong dirt up to a ratio of 1:5 in water.

For slight soiling the product should be diluted from 1:20 to 1:40

For metal cleaning 1:1

12,04 IVA incluido

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