Teak cleaning treatment pack

23,50 IVA incluido

Content pack:
1 x 1L teak cleaner bottle.
1 x 1L teak polish polish bottle.


Teak cleaner nº1
It is a degreasing cleaner specially designed for the cleaning and maintenance of teak wood surfaces, leaving them completely clean and degreased.

Ideal for cleaning teak decks on boats.

The application of the two products, cleans the gray color that has accumulated in the wood and rediscovers the splendid golden color of new teak.

Teak polish nº2

It is a polish for teak wood. It is applied after the Teak Cleaner to renew the shine of the teak wood. It does not grease or leave the surface slippery. It is non-abrasive and caustic, does not damage rubber, paint or stainless steel fittings.

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